The opening day of the Wegmans

It’s 6:54 a.m. of a dark and humid Sunday morning in Brooklyn. Wegmans will open the doors of his 101 store in a few minutes. It’s time for the store’s mega-fans, “Wegmaniacs” as they are called (editor’s note: including me). Nothing, no Godless weather or rain forecasts can prevent you from enjoying this world-class shopping … Read more

Wegmans in South Korea

Incheon, South Korea ( – Kyu Jung Baek defeated fellow South Korean In Gee Chun and American Brittany Lincicome for the first time on Sunday, winning the LPGA KEB – HanaBank Championship. Baek, who led Hee-Kyung Bae at the start of the final, scored a 5-under-67. Chun and Lincicome played 6 under 66 to finish … Read more

Wegmans making an attempt to increase the workforce

Job seekers now entering the workplace are used to listing bottomless snacks and ping pong tables on company websites with health benefits. The advantages of an office kegerator and a game room with comfortable sofas no longer distinguish companies. Just as you can’t buy true social media fans, companies can’t buy loyal employees with unnecessary … Read more

Some most delicious food of the Wegmans

The news about raw materials like pink mud and ammonia (more on that later) made us wonder: what other surprises are hidden in the food we eat? We ask food safety and manufacturing experts this question, and it turns out that all sorts of things turn into refined and processed foods that were not voluntarily … Read more

Massive loss for the Wegmans ahead?

After more than three years and billions of dollars in taxes, President Obama’s health exchanges are slated to open this week, but they don’t expect much fanfare outside of government. Although the president insists that everything “works as it should,” a former HHS official has already warned that we will see a “redefinition of what … Read more

The tainted eggs recalled at the Wegmans

A Minnesota company removed cooked eggs that were distributed in 34 states due to possible listeria contamination. Minnetonka’s Michael Foods remembers the brine eggs sold in 10- and 25-pound cubes for institutional use under the Columbia Valley Farms brand. GFS; Glenview Farms; Papetti; Silverbrook; and entire farms. The recall includes eggs distributed in the following … Read more

Wegmans honoured in Slovenia

The First Lady continues to put her small hometown on the map. Four Slovenian winegrowers from the wine region near Melania Trump Sevnica’s hometown produced a new red wine called “First Lady” in honor of the country’s most famous resident. The drink is pressed with Blaufr-nkisch grapes from eastern Slovenia. The wine was first offered … Read more