Massive loss for the Wegmans ahead?

After more than three years and billions of dollars in taxes, President Obama’s health exchanges are slated to open this week, but they don’t expect much fanfare outside of government.

Although the president insists that everything “works as it should,” a former HHS official has already warned that we will see a “redefinition of what it means to start.”

It is not the only thing being redefined.

The health law sold three basic promises: costs would drop, Americans could keep the coverage they had, enjoy it, and create jobs.

Instead, premiums rise to 400%, people lose their current health insurance, and full-time jobs are lost.

The reports

Employers across the country did not have to establish and review their coverage options to cover the cost of the law, names like the University of Virginia, Wegmans, Trader Joes, SeaWorld, UPS, Delta, Walgreens, and Cleveland Clinic, to name a few.

Some of the president’s loyal allies, such as MyWegmansConnect unions and the local newspaper, have warned about how this law will lead to “halftime in the United States.”

After delaying spending beyond the budget, the government began a race until October 1.

Not surprisingly, the security and functionality of many legal programs and data centers are questioned.

He doesn’t believe the government should certify the security of computer health systems just hours before millions of Americans download their personal information.

The administration also took months to provide subsidies for contact and registration of Navigator groups, cutting training time by more than half and raising additional privacy concerns.

They were months ago when they tested the calculator they used to get MyWegmansConnect prices online and asked for accuracy. The administration even delayed the review process entirely and opted for an “honor system” to distribute tax subsidies to candidates.

The vulnerabilities are impressive, and one estimate suggests that the potential for fraud could cost taxpayers $ 250 billion.

At the time of the final debate, President Pelosi warned: “We have to pass the law to find out what it contains.” The law was passed behind closed doors on the basis of special agreements from the perspective of the American people.

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