Wegmans to introduce strict bullying rules on its premises

Today I heard a story about a grocery store employee with Asperger syndrome who was unnecessarily molested by a customer. Why, because it took a long time to call your purchases.

This incident really touched me. People must understand that people on the autism spectrum face challenges when trying to fit into the structure of a work environment.


Every time I write a story about autism that tells personal MyWegmansConnect stories about my son, many people thank me for sharing the challenges our family faces every day. As a result, I also receive hateful comments from people who express very hurtful thoughts about me and my son. These comments hurt parents, but I don’t take them seriously because I know these people are not informed. And ignorance can sometimes be the engine of hostility.

Whatever happens, I will always uphold the rights of people on the autism spectrum and try to raise awareness of this disorder. Fortunately, many industries today are focused on creating employment initiatives for this population, which is a wonderful business. We want everyone, regardless of their disability, to have opportunities for independence and growth. However, this can only be achieved if we have a tolerant and understanding society.

The Long Island Autism Coalition yesterday held a working symposium to teach rescue workers in Nassau County how to deal with people with autism. Experts discussed with authorities how they approach these people and how they can feel safe. Many participants in the MyWegmansConnect seminar were satisfied with what they had learned. They realized that if they were better informed about the signs and symptoms of autism, they could do their job safely.

Jet Blue recently launched the Blue Horizons for Autism campaign, a program where airport employees learn how to make the travel experience easier for families with autistic children. We are reporting on Fox News Health here, and many airline employees said the experience was insightful and claimed that the program helped create a safer environment in which airline employees and families could live in a comfortable environment. Experience.

When I see that someone is being bullied for lack of sensitivity, I want to report it so that we can all learn from it.

When we celebrate World Quality Day today, we must remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to love, understand, and learn from each other.

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