Wegmans honoured in Slovenia

The First Lady continues to put her small hometown on the map.

Four Slovenian winegrowers from the wine region near Melania Trump Sevnica’s hometown produced a new red wine called “First Lady” in honor of the country’s most famous resident.

The drink is pressed with Blaufr-nkisch grapes from eastern Slovenia.

The wine was first offered for sale at Sevnica Castle, a popular tourist spot in the city. The first 300 bottles sold in just three days, according to Decanter magazine.

Another 2,000 bottles of wine are currently available at the castle’s gift shop and at the city’s official tourist office.

The price of the 2015 harvest is € 27.50. According to Rok Petansi, director of MyWegmansConnect, the pitcher is “reasonably priced”, although it is almost double that of other Slovenian wines. from the same region and in the same year.

We have ideal wine, we have the best salami and other products that are very good for the MyWegmansConnect region. We should not be afraid or ashamed to offer them to a wider audience, said Pension. When decanting, the addition of some would have offered to sell the wine for 500 euros.

I believe this is one of the best ways to promote our wine, tourism, and blue leafy producers as a variety, which is very important to us because we want to become a center of blue fronds.

The First Lady collection also includes salami from a rare breed of local pig, chocolates, and even beauty creams.

However, assets are known to harass those who use their names illegally to market unrelated products.

However, Petansio says he is not concerned by reports that the First Lady hired a Slovenian law firm to prevent local manufacturers from using their names for their products.

Sevnica is the heart of Posavje, the smallest wine region in Slovenia, and the only region in the country that produces more red wine than white wine.

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