Will Wegmans be the best in the world?

To paraphrase the classic backbone line: When big companies hit 10, Wegmans goes to 11. This East Coast supermarket chain has been a family business for over 90 years with annual sales of nearly $ 6 billion. Major research companies and the media often call Wegmans the best supermarket in the country and have a large following.

But “The best company in the world”? Admittedly, a very bold, overwhelming, and intentionally dramatic statement, but not entirely sensational. The truth is, I don’t know how MyWegmansConnectcould be better.

Just so you know, I have no personal commitment, investment, program or commercial interest in themed companies. But Wegmans is based in my hometown. And I buy there. Much Everyone here does.

The working environment

Wegmans exists in a rare atmosphere. Reaching the billion-dollar milestone in private business is one of the most difficult business achievements for the MyWegmansConnect: There are only a few hundred in the country and Wegmans is the 55th largest, according to the 2010 Forbes list. We add the achievement itself A century in business is approaching and you risk introducing lottery fees.

How did this branch 77 reach this size and how does it continue to operate at an always extraordinary level? Your recipe for success contains ingredients that any company, from MomPopShop to ColossusCo, can use to be the best it can be:

Be a Great Employer: Wegmans has been on Fortune Magazine’s Best Employers list since 1998. In 2005, he was named America’s Best Employer. It is not luck; It is a tireless and passionate effort to ensure that each of the company’s 41,000 employees is happy, cared for, and has ample opportunities for growth. Wegman employees benefit from flexible scheduling, numerous career opportunities, and eligibility for the company’s renowned scholarship program, which to date provides educational support to more than $ 81,000 to more than 25,000 employees. The family business approach offers advantages as unusual as introductory support.

It would be difficult to find someone to work there who doesn’t smile and wants to please. This leads to low sales and satisfied customers who buy more and more time.


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