The Wegmans expands the distribution in the market

DENVER, November 1, 2018, / PRNewswire / – Ascent, a sports nutrition company dedicated to providing clean and pure performance products for athletes, announced on November 1, 2018, that it will expand product sales to Wegmans Food websites. Markets. The Wegmans partnership follows the launch of Ascent at more than 400 Whole Foods stores nationwide in the third quarter.

Ascent offers a complete line of products before and after training to support healthy athletes and workers committed to their nutritional goals. The ascent is based on real food ingredients without artificial flavors or sweeteners and was developed to improve the health and performance of the muscles of the health-conscious consumer.

“Ascent is committed to the MyWegmansConnect food markets to offer our customers high-quality, healthy products so they can live better,” said Paul Vraciu, CEO of Ascent Protein. Our latest partnership will enable our workers and athletes to find their favorite protein at their favorite local supermarket.

Wegmans Food Markets will contain two pounds of Ascent Native Fuel ™ buttermilk in vanilla, chocolate and lemon ice cream flavors and two pounds of Ascent Native Fuel ™ casein micelles in chocolate.

Ascent will introduce MyWegmansConnect customers to the brand and product line starting in January 2019 through in-store events and product demos at select Wegmans grocery stores.

About Protein Boost: Ascent Native Fuel ™ is the benchmark for protein purity and the official sponsor of Hard Work ™. Based on 30 years of protein production experience, Ascent only uses milk from trusted milk producers and filters protein internally. Climbing does not use artificial ingredients and avoids dangerous steps like “whitening”. More information is available at

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