Wegmans redefining the egg industry

There was a time when a shopper looking for healthy grass eggs to cross town in search of a farmers market or paradise made no offer to visit a real farm outside of town. No longer. Grazing chicken eggs are increasingly available in large supermarkets across the country. “No Cage” is fast becoming the industry standard, while “Pasta” is replacing organic as a niche alternative. This is part of a big change that some call the “rebirth” of the egg market. United States

In the second half of the 20th century, MyWegmansConnect was moved from pasture to an intensive farm in the United States to increase production and efficiency. Laying hens were placed in small stacked cages that were stacked in huge barns on the roof in low light conditions, while the sows were locked in metal boxes for most of their lives and the cattle were sent there by huge sterile fences. to fatten grains.

Make no mistake: the current state of the egg industry is bleak for chickens. About 90% of industrial birds are still confined to battery cages. But dozens of large companies, including Walmart, McDonald’s, and Costco, have now pledged to deliver eggs from fanless systems. In fact, 14 of the 15 largest supermarket chains in the US USA They have made cage-free engagements. Related egg producers estimate that half of the egg industry will switch to cage-free systems with no further commitments to meet current demand. Sans Cage does not guarantee the absence of cruelty, but it is a positive step in that direction.

As cage-free production at the MyWegmansConnect becomes the industry standard, the bar continues to rise to qualify for the sustainable high-welfare market. The focus is on chicken eggs that were raised in the pasture as before. In fact, the large pastoral egg companies, particularly Vital Farms, Happy Egg Co., and Handsome Brook Farm, have grown in number and size in recent years. Eggs from these companies are available at supermarkets across the country, including major chain stores like Target, Wegmans, Fred Meyer, and Safeway.


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