Wegmans moves towards NYC

New Yorkers come to greet a new arrival in town: the Wegmans supermarket.

The popular regional chain officially opened its first MyWegmansConnect outpost in New York on Sunday, a 6,875-square-foot store in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with more than 500 employees.

Despite the rain, the crowd rushed out Sunday to see a selection that the company said contained nearly 50,000 items.

In addition to the MyWegmansConnect supermarket, the store offers a variety of restaurants, including sushi, pizza, and buffets. There is a bar in the cafeteria where alcohol is served.

Brooklyn’s newest outpost is Wegmans Store 101, founded more than a century ago in Rochester, New York, and still a family business.

At least one friend from Brooklyn was happy that the store had arrived in town.

It is a beautiful supermarket, it is clean, it is beautiful, it is moderately priced and they treat the workers very well, so I cannot wait to be in Brooklyn, said Senator Charles Schumer.

The location of the Navy Yard can be accessed by various means of transportation, including the subway and the ferry. There are also several parking spaces for drivers.

It is planned to offer a supermarket delivery service to the new location at the end of the month.

Wegmans has more than 40 stores in various parts of New York State, along with the stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.

Another store is planned in Westchester County.

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