The pumpkin rolls recalled at the Wegmans

Wegmans is similar to many pumpkin rolls because baked goods can contain clear plastic containers.

The supermarket chain in western New York announced Wednesday that it will voluntarily recall customer complaints.

Plastic can sharpen and present a choking hazard.

The baked pumpkin rolls were sold at 81 stores at MyWegmansConnect Food Markets in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts between September 1 and Tuesday. The packages contained whole rolls, half rolls, or two slices. All were excluded.

MyWegmansConnect customers can get a refund from the call center.

Wegmans Food Markets Inc., a luxury supermarket chain with 71 stores in five states, announced Friday that it remembered Guiruña’s coffee or cake because no nuts were mentioned on the product’s label.

People with a nut allergy are at risk or serious. No injuries were reported.

Since November 25, about 4,400 14-ounce Christmas cakes with red and green cherries have been available at Wegmans stores. The expiration date is December 12. December

More than 2,000 were purchased and the rest were removed from the shelves Thursday night, the Rochester-based company said.

“This is just a problem for people with a nut allergy,” said spokeswoman Jeanne Colleluori.

The family business has 50 stores in New York, 11 in Pennsylvania, seven in New Jersey, two in Virginia, and one in Maryland.

Customers with questions or concerns can contact the company’s customer service department at 1-800-WEGMANS, extension 4760.

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