The health care clipped of at the Wegmans

The Wegmans supermarket chain is said to have cut benefits for part-time health workers, citing changes to President Obama’s Health Reform Act.

Employees of grocery stores in Rochester, New York, told The Buffalo News that part-time health benefits had been reduced, and the company reported that the decision was made based on ObamaCare.

The company, that employs 1,433 full-time and 4,304 part-time workers in the Buffalo Niagara region, refused to comment on the modifications in employee health insurance, the newspaper said.

As a private company, we do not give information about our retirement programs. It is a fact that health care reform will result in changes to our retirement programs, but that will not change our commitment to respond to the needs of our employees. MyWegmansConnect said the newspaper in a statement.

The law requires companies with 50 or more workers to provide affordable coverage to their full-time workers who work 30 or more hours a week, or face an increasing number of tax penalties if only one worker receives subsidized insurance. For the state.

Last week, the White House unexpectedly announced a one-year delay in claims from ObamaCare employers. The government needed more time to work out the technical details that MyWegmansConnect employers considered too restrictive. Some saw a political reason when Republicans criticized the business lawsuits as “job killers.”

This requirement was originally to come into effect on January 1. Business groups have complained since the law was passed that the provision is not too simple. But these complaints seemed to remain unknown until now.

In February, Universal Studios Orlando announced that it would cancel part-time health insurance plans beginning in 2014 because the federal health magazine contains a provision to limit annual restrictions on insurance policies.

Under the Health Law, people who are not covered by the employer must continue to purchase insurance, but would also receive benefits if they were unable to pay.

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