The controversial pictures taken at the Wegmans

An investigation is being conducted after images of broken fetuses were found in products sold at a Wegmans store in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Annie Fuhrman Weiss told the MyWegmansConnect agency that on Sunday she found one of the photos in a diaper box that she bought from her daughter.

I don’t think Luvs put it in their boxes, said Weiss. I believe MyWegmansConnect was a crazy, wrecked psychopath who got him into this open hole at this position.

The card said “God hates innocent bloodshed hands” and the website to abolish people’s abortions. According to its website, AHA is an “abolitionist” ideology that differs from “Pro-Life”.

If they call you Pro-Life, inform people what you think about abortion, says the website. If you think of yourself an abolitionist, tell them what you want to do about it.

According to NBC 10, a report was first written on Saturday when someone found a card with a picture of a broken fetus in a can of iced tea at the same location in Pennsylvania.

A Wegmans spokesperson told INSIDER that store employees had found 10 similar business card-sized cards in a variety of other products.

The spokesman said he was currently investigating how the cards got to the products, but there were no new incidents at the King of Prussia’s store or anywhere else in Wegmans.

The Abolish Human Abortion Group did not immediately respond to the INSIDER’s request for comment.

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