The contractual Wegmans employees in trouble?

ROCHESTER, NY August 1, 2019, / PRNewswire / – After a weeklong review of the contract, 118 Local Teamsters members, who were hired by Wegman’s Food Market in Rochester, agreed to ratify a new contract. with an overwhelming margin of 80%.

The business unit includes warehouse workers, drivers, and artisans. The new contract provides for a 15.08% salary increase over time, including a 3.77% increase in the first year. Improvements have also been made to fund progress plans, wage differentials, tighter part-time language, and other mutually beneficial improvements.

“Although this new agreement sets a new standard for wages and benefits in the food industry, it also addresses the quality of life that our members deserve. Our committee had to dedicate time and effort to communicate the many positive changes in this MyWegmansConnect agreement. “said Paul Markowitz, president of Local 118.” The overwhelming approval of this agreement underscores the success of these efforts.

Location MyWegmansConnect 118 represents approximately 4,300 members in the Rochester region. Follow us on social media at Friends of Teamsters Local 118, on Twitter @ Teamsters118 or visit

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