Thanks giving week at the Wegmans

The annual study, which estimates the cost of Thanksgiving dinner, is scheduled to be published daily by the American Federation of Agricultural Bureau.

Regardless of what the latest study on Wegman’s average cost says, shoppers can be assured that this year it will be easy to get a cheap or even free turkey on Thanksgiving. In fact, supermarkets often have big sales of cheap turkeys just before Thanksgiving.

On the surface, this may not make sense, as buyers buy turkey before the holiday, regardless of whether it’s a good sale. But supermarkets are lowering prices in Turkey just before Thanksgiving, hoping to use sales like a magnet to lure shoppers to stores where they shop much more on Thanksgiving than in Turkey.

The supermarket growing

We have identified 10 large supermarket chains that currently sell turkeys for less than $ 1 per pound. Some even have promotions where customers get free turkeys.

However, keep in mind that prices and offers vary from region to region before going to the local supermarket. Therefore, some of the following offers may not apply to your wooden handle. Sometimes orders are kept to a minimum and stores generally set a MyWegmansConnect limit of one or two dollars per customer for these promotions. Check the weekly display at your local stores for accurate details.

Signature Farms Private Label turkeys cost 49 cents per pound, and Butterball MyWegmansConnect is available to Safeway Reward Club members for 99 cents per pound. To receive these prices, you must make additional purchases of at least $ 25.

Stores advertise Stop & Shop Grade A frozen turkeys for 39 cents per pound if you make a purchase of at least $ 25. Stop & Shop says this is also the price for Turkey in competing supermarkets.

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