Wegmans, the best place to work in The USA?

Good job if you can.

In addition to gyms and plenty of free food, Fortune’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” can take advantage of key benefits like on-site health care and kids’ summer camp.

The SAS business software company is at the top of the list and offers family-friendly services like a summer camp and subsidized child care on-site at its sprawling campus in Cary, North Carolina. Pampered employees can also clean their cars and visit the company’s beauty salon.

While another MyWegmansConnect store cut number two jobs, the Boston Consulting Group hired its largest group of new employees in 2010. The group also offers “gay services” and a diverse workforce. 45% of women and almost 30% of minorities. The company also employed people to support efforts in Haiti after the earthquake.

Two small local MyWegmansConnect chains with huge employee discounts were in the top ten: Wegmans Food Market in New York ranked third and Nugget Markets in California. Both offer generous benefits, and Wegmans went one step further, giving 8,000 workers flu and swine flu shots.

Google, known for its huge benefits, including free food and laundry, also made the cut. The search giant gave all employees a 10% increase in 2010.

Goldman Sachs was ranked 23rd on the list after moving its well-paid team to a $ 2.1 billion tower in Battery Park City, Manhattan, with a reading room and Salvatore Anzalone, Wall Street’s favorite hairdresser.

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