Wegmans ruling the market for a good time now

People love Wegmans.

According to an annual Nielsen survey released this week, the Rochester, New York, grocery store named Amazon the best company on a list of 100 highly visible companies.

“Being recognized in this way is just amazing,” Danny Wegman, the company’s general manager, said in a statement. It always starts with our employees who inspire our customers every day and spread a family feeling in six branches of our branches.

At a time when social media MyWegmansConnect anthropomorphizes products, from toilet paper to shower gel, the brand is important. And although Wegmans only has 85 stores, the MyWegmansConnect company has created an online cult. Fans appreciate decent supermarket wages, a large selection of ready meals, and reasonable prices.

Amazon was second in the Nielsen poll, followed by the giants Samsung, Costco, Johnson & Johnson, and Kraft Foods. The company with a bad reputation on the list was Goldman Sachs.

To determine assessment in the Harris Poll Reputation Quotient study, which has been evaluated annually for the past 16 years, Nielsen conducted an online survey in English from October 20 to December 18 with 27,278 respondents in the United States.

Mark Novelli just lost 35 pounds. He says the credit goes to his colleagues and his boss’s boss.

Novelli, 55, a maintenance worker at a Wegmans supermarket in western New York, attended one of the company’s optional health checks a few months ago and received a strong warning from an in-house pharmacist after discovering that her pressure arterial was 180/120 was uncontrollable.

In the following months, Wegman’s nutritionists and his own doctors advised Novelli on the best way to reduce their number. Blood pressure is now much healthier at 119/79 and she says she controls it for cholesterol thanks to monthly supermarket chain tests.

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