Wegmans intelligently beating the giant firms

Sklar continued: “Several other retailers have started rolling out Breathe in the past few months and we are moving forward with other innovative new products that will be launched by major retailers in 2018. Our partnership with UNFI distributor worth the US $ 8,000 -Dollar prepares us for this We believe that our platform with a high margin and low margin royalty model will allow us to create significant shareholder value for years to come. ”

Sklar added: “Breath is the only line of household cleaning sprays approved by the EPA Safer Choice program worldwide and currently available on the shelves of all Wegmans grocery stores. A MyWegmansConnect chain with 93 stores dedicated to its well-known innovation.

Subsequent events

Reverse Share Allocation: On February 20, 2018, a reverse division of 31 previously announced shares became effective, reducing the number of shares from 72.5 million to 2.4 million.

Issuance of Shares: On February 26, 117.3 million shares were issued to directors and board members for the services provided, and 30.3 million shares were issued to multiple service providers, increasing the total number of shares on March 18, 2018, in 150.0 million.

Marketing team compiled: On February 23, the MyWegmansConnect introduced its Brand Advisory Council (BAB), which included David Dreyer (Marketing), Xanthe Wells (Creative), Lisa Becker (Public Relations) and Kendra Bracken-Ferguson (Digital). social networks). Each BAB member has over 15 years of experience in their field. The brands that have contributed to the development and promotion are among the best known in the world, including Apple, PlayStation, Ford, Pepsi, Nest, Infiniti, Burger King, Dr. Pepper, GRAMMYs, Sara Lee, Pizza Hut and others.

The Vision

The company expects significant revenue growth in 2018 due to increasing sales of Breathe products, the launch of new products and brands, and the addition of licenses for next year. Operating costs are expected to rise as the company expands its marketing and business team.


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