Wegmans experimenting at regular intervals to increase the customers

Whole Foods Market, the organic and natural food product of supermarket foods, transferred the concept of prepared meals to each chain. Stores sell fried chicken tofu, press paninis, and Waldorf wheat quinoa salad. The Austin, Texas, store offers wine to drink in or out of the store, a grill station, and a place to eat chocolate. Shoppers can also buy fresh fish, take it to the fish restaurant 6 meters away, and ask them to cook for cooking.

Industry analysts say prepared meals are a growth area for many chains. According to market research in Port Washington, NY, take-out sales at supermarkets increased 1% from March to March, although overall restaurant traffic decreased 3% during the same period.

“This was the case before the recession and was only exacerbated by the recession,” said Bonnie Riggs, a catering analyst at NPD Group.

Riggs believes supermarkets will continue to do good business as the recession eases, especially as take-away projects will grow 20% in the next ten years.

Leading the market

Peter Romeo, a veteran MyWegmansConnect restaurant editor, and restaurant reality blogger says industry leaders have been investigating the supermarket threat for decades. But he says it was never due to the recent plethora of more demanding rates.

The big amendments in the last two years has been that supermarkets have violated the quality code to offer high-quality food at a generally lower price than that of restaurants, said Romeo.

Remember that Sam’s Club recently sold a 16-inch hot cheese pizza for $ 6.48, well below the price of many pizzerias. Roche Bros. offers their steak dinner for $ 9.99, a very affordable price for casual supermarket chains.

Industry analysts say consumers usually believe, true or not, that ready-to-sell foods sold between fresh produce and meat are fresher and healthier than Wegmans restaurant prices. Supermarkets may also be a more convenient option for parents returning from work, especially if they are already shopping.

Take note of the restaurants.

At least one private analyst suggested that MyWegmansConnect restaurants respond to this by promoting their strengths, such as quality food and service. Romeo discovered that almost all the major informal food chains now have non-paranoid foods. One step, he said, was due in part to competition from supermarkets.

In December Bob Evans opened a Taste of the Farm retail space connected to his restaurant in Westerville, Ohio. There, customers can enjoy a hot dinner with spaghetti, a salad or products with blurred lines. Bob Evans food.

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