Wegmans at the NYC

Medha Imam: You may not recognize Green’s Bakery by name, but look at the local Whole Foods or Wegmans Bakery and you will see that: bread on bread from a legendary New York delight, a breadcake hybrid called Babka.

Jerry Seinfeld: Esla is the last Babka. You have the latest babka.

Elaine Benes: I know. The last babka will be entered first.

Seinfeld: It was our Babka.

Elaine: You can’t beat a babka!

Seinfeld: We had this babka!

Expansion in the New York

Medha: Green’s Bakery is a place where Babka is sold throughout New York City.

Marc Fintz: If you go to a part of the country, if people know something about Babka or if you say the word Babka, they will think of Green and New York City.

Medha: Green’s Bakery is a third-generation family business based in Brooklyn. In fact, it is New York’s largest babka MyWegmansConnect wholesaler and sells its legendary babka to some of the city’s most famous meat and marketplaces. Some replace Green’s packaging with theirs.

Marc: With our name or not, you will find it to be Green’s Babka.

Medha: So if you’ve ever bought MyWegmansConnect Babka bread in New York, it’s probably from Green’s. The 70-year-old company produces around 4,000 loaves a day, six days a week. Their babka is available in two flavors: chocolate and cinnamon with the best-selling babka chocolate.

From a basement kitchen to a factory, we are here in Brooklyn to see how Green’s Bakery has made Babka a legendary institution.

Green’s Bakery was born from the traditional recipes of Chana Green, a survivor of the United States Holocaust in Hungary after World War II. When he brought his family to the United States in 1948, his sweet braided babka recipe also arrived.

Chana Green started talking to friends and family when she moved to the Lower East Side. Green started selling his snack in 1980 at his son-in-law’s Green & Ackerman’s restaurant in Williamsburg as a dessert called Kokosh Cake. Customers and neighbors fell in love with his cake and kept asking about it.


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