The Wegmans take its food to the new heights

Wegmans recently started winning the press because it is one of the best supermarkets in the country. As I come from Syracuse, New York, in the middle of Wegman territory, I could not agree anymore.

A group of students from the Music Theater in Northborough, Massachusetts. You have to feel the same. In honor of Wegmans, the students created a complete musical and rewritten Broadway songs with lyrics to complement the supermarket:

To the rhythm of Rent’s “live stations”

“525,600 square feet, 5225,000 cases of beer. 525,600 square feet, how is diversity measured here? In cheese, products, bakeries, coffee shops, apple pie, walnuts, and blueberries. Welcome to WEGGGGGGGGMANSSS … We love Wegmans.

To the beat of “Populaire” by Wicked

Every time I see someone who is less healthy than me and let’s be honest, who is not less healthy than me? My Wegman’s heart is bleeding.

There are fun designs in between the pieces of music that show how helpful and friendly the Wegmans people are and how much the company has to offer. Watch this.

MyWegmansConnect is another effort by the Wegmans that has been right up to the mark. This portal is one of the easiest ways for Wegmans employees to make their job life easy. This portal has been utilized by a lot of MyWegmansConnect employees. It is extremely secure and user-friendly to use.


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