The science behind the name of the Wegmans

Most companies named after a person or family have a possessive apostrophe, which means ownership. Discover cabbage, Macy’s, Dillard and many others.
Wegmans, the popular supermarket chain that has developed a cult in its region, has none. It also doesn’t keep its unique name (like Nordstrom).

MyWegmansConnect possessed an apostrophe when it was established by John and Walter Wegman in 1916, but it was canceled years ago and thus making the name plural.

It has been out of service since 1931 when the company integrated and simplified the logo, says the Wegmans website. Think of it as the plural of Wegmans, like the many generations of the Wegman family who have built the business!

Even if Wegmans wanted to reverse his name and add this apostrophe, it would be very expensive. Wegmans estimates that adding an apostrophe to the plaque in front of each of his stores would cost more than $ 500,000.

It does not take into account all the changes you would have to make to all of your other companies, exchanges, products and more. Wegmans has changed its logo multiple times over the years without posting the apostrophe, but it had far fewer companies to switch to the euro (in addition to the 2008 name change).

MyWegmansConnect currently has a total of around 75 branches. Can you imagine that a brand like Subway, a fast-food chain with around 37,000 locations worldwide, has changed its logo? This would cost the company and its franchisees millions.

You see how expensive brand changes are when you see a company like JCPenney change not only signage but for all store designs as well.

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