The meal delivery facility by Wegmans has been introduced

Wegmans works with DoorDash to offer delivery of your freshly prepared foods, such as sandwiches, pizzas, sushi, soups, and salads on demand.

The new MyWegmansConnect Meals 2Go service launched at Wegmans stores in Sterling, Virginia, and Rochester, New York. By the end of the year, the company will expand to more than 40 branches or nearly half of Wegmans’ websites, Business Insider said.

Orders must be placed through the new MyWegmansConnect Meals2GO app, which offers pickup, pickup, and delivery options.

In addition to prepared meals, Wegman customers can also order prepared meals such as Parmesan with spaghetti and green beans. Grilled pork with macaroni and cheese and green beans; or a homemade cake with beaten potatoes and green beans.

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DoorDash support shipments are available for orders over $ 20 to locations within 8 miles of participating Wegmans stores.

“We have promised to provide hearty meals, and it is no easier than that,” Erica Tickle, director of e-commerce group Wegmans, said in a statement. The special thing about Wegman’s 2 GB is the wide range of delicious menu options.

Wegmans introduces the new service after a one-year pilot project at one of its stores in New York.

We listened and learned, refined the app, and designed a menu suitable for everyone at home or at work, said Tickle.

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