The delicious sushi of the Wegmans

You don’t expect much from a box of sushi in a supermarket.

In addition to gas stations and convenience stores, supermarkets do not inspire much confidence in the quality of their raw fish.

However, MyWegmansConnect intends to break the expectations of a supermarket offering. I’m not a sushi expert, but occasionally I do like a nice chunk of raw fish with pickled rice. Maybe a slap in the face. My price range is from cheap sushi to moderately cheap, so I didn’t have the best things. This is the opinion of a sushi lover who really can’t afford to love sushi.

I recently spent my first stay at the family-run MyWegmansConnect supermarket chain, a cult favorite that opened its first store in New York in September. After visiting the hallways with quality products at affordable prices, I ended my journey with a 5-course food court party that culminated in sushi.

The ingredients

The sushi fridge was full of muffins, nigiri, sashimi, and even tataki, a luxury note. The chefs make fresh sushi if you ask me, but I was impatient.

I got fancy sushi set for $ 21, which is way more than I would normally pay for a supermarket sushi set.

But he had a certified stunner, like a college piece or a sea urchin, one of the most valuable sushi.

The quality of the fish also looked amazing. Each piece was shiny and smooth and looked really cool.

True wasabi is so expensive that it is almost never served in American sushi restaurants. Wegmans is clearly proud of that.

Most American sushi restaurants do not produce Japanese horseradish wasabi. It is usually made with cheaper horseradish and green tones.

This is in line with the spirit of Wegmans, who are very focused on local and sustainable food. The Japanese cooking team is full of Japanese culinary talents.

And you could taste the difference. Boys were not fish. You were nice

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