The best products to skip at the Wegmans

Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are large supermarkets that offer unique foods.
However, as with any type of purchase, it is worth comparing prices with other stores.

EatingWell followed Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s best deals compared to local supermarkets and chain stores like Stop & Shop, Safeway and Wegmans – and found it.

For Trader Joe’s, cheese is an excellent value for money and there is a very good selection at this cheap supermarket in the region. Staples like Trader Giotto extra virgin olive oil (over $ 3 cheaper per liter than anywhere else) and wild rice (over $ 6 cheaper per pound) are also good options. And the $ 1.99 Two Buck Chuck wine is perhaps one of the best deal Trader Joe’s is famous for.

However, the region’s fresh produce has to be a bit more demanding, the article says when you shop at Trader Joe’s, where the products not only sell more but don’t look as good.

Some best offers

The opposite is true for MyWegmansConnect Whole Foods, where local fruits and vegetables are one of the best deals:

On a recent trip to all my MyWegmansConnect groceries, I found local organic carrots ($ 1.29 / pound *) and potatoes ($ 4.99 / 5-pound bags) for the same price as non-local organic produce at the street supermarket.

However, conventional fruits and vegetables are more expensive.

Another great option at Whole Foods is sustainable seafood. Frozen haddock and frozen wild sockeye salmon cost $ 2 a pound less than a local supermarket.

Of course, your mileage may vary, and just like at the Costco supermarket, you should make your own comparisons based on the stores in your area. However, they do give a rough indication.

In the full “Eat Right” articles, you’ll find more food deals and jumping tips, as well as good tips like B. Beware selling whole foods for a day.


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