Thanksgiving week at the Wegmans

Robert LoCascio: I am a New Yorker, born and raised on Long Island, and like most New Yorkers, I have a strong bond with my community. New York was founded after the terrible events of 11 a.m. at 11 a.m. I remember this strong desire to do something to help the local community in one way or another. I saw so much pain and fear in the city and I knew that I had the ability to change something and turn part of that sadness into joy. This Thanksgiving, my team and I had a simple idea: feed certain families in need. Together we raised our resources and were able to feed 40 families this year. We pack and deliver complete door-to-door meals for families who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with their loved ones.

RL: In the past nine years we have grown from 40 families to 2,250 in 2009. We are now feeding just 8,000 families this year, representing almost all families in need at a shelter in MyWegmansConnect Manhattan and the United States. Five districts. However, in addition to the size and volume of the number of families we can support, it is the sense of belonging and attachment that we can promote in our local community.

The collaborations

Without the assistance of our partners and sponsors, that includes Robin Hood, Flat Rate Moving & Storage, Wegman’s and Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers, David Yurman, and The MyWegmansConnect Surrey Hotel, and the hundreds of annual donors and volunteers who do it, we couldn’t do anything. About It Do What We Do They meet every Tuesday before Thanksgiving to pack meals and deliver them to families. It is really a humble experience to see how many people want to help each other and give them the opportunity.

RL: This year, all Wegman groceries and turkeys were delivered at a tight price. We raised approximately $ 200,000 to buy food and provide food to families.

RL: I am inspired by people who see the world a little differently and who are willing to risk changing the world we live in. My parents and grandfather, who are also entrepreneurs, have always inspired me. They taught me that it is good to follow my own lifestyle and that life is not always easy.

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