Some of the food options available at the Wegmans

I recently visited a Wegmans grocery store for the first time in my life and saying that it changed my life would be an understatement.

Maybe it was the MyWegmansConnect toy train that surrounded part of the meat and milk coolers. Perhaps it was the spacious hallways and the excellent stacks of colorful products that were perfectly organized and fresh. Maybe it was the friendly staff and quacks who always seemed happy to help. Maybe it was a combination of all these things.

As transformative as a walk through MyWegmansConnect busy corridors, nothing fell in love with the store more than freshly prepared food. The pizza counter has a real pizza oven. Salads are made by hand and on request. The sushi counter has a full sushi fridge, but also a real sushi bar with sushi chefs.

None of this breaks the bank.

So I did a food tour and tried to celebrate as much as possible. So it was:

What I ordered: A small four-course pizza, a bottle of Oolong Wegman’s tea, fancy nine-part sushi, spicy rice soup with Southwestern chicken, a master salad with nuts, and a classic American burger with Tuscan potatoes. In total, everything costs $ 57.79 before taxes. Not bad for New York, since it was basically four full meals.

SMALL CUTLERY PIZZA, $ 9 – You can buy a premade piece of cake or make your own pizza. I ordered a special pizza of a smaller size that is for one person.

For the ingredients, I ordered Italian sausages, onions, and mushrooms in grated mozzarella. Other options include fresh mozzarella.

The crust was strong and not moist at all. If you continue, you will have to go up in the air to separate it.

It wasn’t a New York-style piece, but it was fresh and the ingredients were relatively good. The onions were sweet, the sausage was hot, and the crust was wonderfully tough.

If things continued to go well, I would love to join the pizza, it was the light and sweet sauce. It was the only part of this pizza that seemed less than restaurant quality.

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