Heavy discounts at the Wegmans

Comfort is the driving force behind American cuisine, and Laura Barrett has developed her own cheaper version of the concept in her kitchen in Richmond, Virginia.

Every two months, the stay-at-home mother spends two to three hours tiring and roasting chicken breasts. It’s an initial effort, yes, but it makes life more enjoyable later because the family has a source of protein that they can use to make quick meals for weeks.

It is also cheaper than buying to go there regularly. Barrett buys the family chicken package from his local Wegmans, which equals $ 1.79 per pound.

The discounted items

You have to purchase 6 pounds of MyWegmansConnect chicken breast to get this deal, says Barrett, 39. The family has an additional freezer in their garage, and Barrett freezes the excess in three-pound packages that he uses for salads, sandwiches, or used to serve with rice.

This money-saving movement is one of many MyWegmansConnect employees and her husband Brad, 38, who saved $ 1 million in savings in just 11 years and achieved financial independence. before the age of 40. Brad retired from his full-time accounting job three years ago at the age of 35 to focus on his financial independence and his ChooseFi podcast site. Laura, also an accountant, stopped working full time when her first daughter was born, but creates tax returns during the tax season, primarily to improve her skills and because she appreciates them. Brad’s website income and Laura’s seasonal work are enough to cover her living expenses. Therefore, they are not currently reducing their savings.

The couple’s two daughters are nine and six years old. The family is planning a 24-day trip to Europe this summer, funded primarily by credit card reward points. Brad and Laura are part of the emerging FIRE movement, short for financial independence, that retires early and aggressively saves members so they can leave their traditional jobs decades earlier than planned and focus on activities that make their lives more meaningful, to take out loans. This is how they got a life of financial freedom.


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