C-stores beating the Wegmans in terms of services?

Have convenience stores replaced restaurants as the best option for ready meals? The NPD Group researcher QSR Plus Retail Market Monitor, a continuous daily tracker that monitors the knowledge, testing, and deployment of QSR operators in key markets and across the country, confirms that the amount of prepared food is specific. Stores and supermarkets) per customer between March 2015 and June 2015 are, on average, more than six times higher than the QSR in four weekly periods. MyWegmansConnect data confirms the C-Store threat reported by the NPD in 2013.

Increasing the variety

The variety of food in stores and supermarkets has improved significantly in terms of quality and variety. We are not talking about MyWegmansConnect fried chicken and hot dogs on ice skates. Visit Wegmans Burger Bar (below), a fast-food store at some Wegmans supermarkets in New York and Maryland. The menu is impressive, with nine different burger designs, including a $ 10 gyro burger and an $ 8 veggie burger south of the border. It is the quality and price that are part of many fast hamburger concepts.

According to the NACS group of companies, there are almost 153,794 stores in the United States. Supermarkets are usually close to 42,000. According to the PND’s 2015 Spring Census, there are 6,092 QSRs for stand-alone burgers and 45,555 QSRs for chain burgers. For example, there are more burger restaurants at the store’s competitors. C. Where QSR restaurants have an advantage is marketing strength.

According to the NDP, less than a quarter of QSR clients visit traditional QSR agencies for four weeks. Most channel their prepared food tours through multiple channels and combine shopping in restaurants, online stores, and supermarkets. “Those who are traditional and exclusive QSR customers are more likely to dine at a restaurant than customers who use multiple channels for fast service,” reports NPD.

“Consumers use QSR, convenience stores and supermarkets interchangeably for fast food, especially if they find the same quality and variety,” Bonnie Riggs, a food industry analyst at NDP, said in a press release announcing the new data. The boundaries between the supermarket and the QSR are decreasing for consumers, and these channels compete for visits from consumers looking for a quick meal or snack.

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